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Najam Sethi Urdu: نجم سیٹھی‎; born c. 1948) is the 16th and current (caretaker) chief minister of Punjab, an award-winning Pakistani journalist and media personality, is the editor-in-chief of The Friday Times, a Lahore-based political weekly. He was previously the editor ofDaily Times and Daily Aajkal newspapers. He is currently the Editor in Chief of Geo News where he hosts a popular political program: “aapas ki baat”. He is the only journalist in Asia to receive three international press freedom awards in a decade.

Najam Sethi  Education

Sethi graduated from Government College, Lahore, Pakistan, in 1967. He was awarded the Presidents Gold Medal topping Punjab University. He took a BA Hons degree in Economics from Cambridge University, UK, in 1970 and was awarded the Davies Prize by Clare College, where he later spent a year as a PhD research fellow.

Najam Sethi  Personal life

Sethi was born in May, 1948. He is married to Jugnu Mohsin who is Managing Editor of The Friday Times and Good Times. Their son Ali Sethi is a novelist and daughter Mira Sethi works at the Wall Street Journal in New York.

Sethi was a political prisoner from 1975-1977 during the regime of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for protesting military action in Balochistan. In 1984, the regime of General Zia ul Haq put him in prison for one month for publishing “From Jinnah To Zia”, a book authored by the former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Mohammad Munir. The book was a sort of mea culpa in which the author had admitted his grave error in legitimizing the first martial law in Pakistan in 1958, thereby paving the way for Gen Zia’s martial law in 1977.

In 1999, he was again imprisoned by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on trumped up charges of treason. The reason was relentless exposure of corruption in the Sharif family by The Friday Times. The Supreme Court of Pakistan later rejected the charges and freed him after one month. While in detention, he was tortured and suffered a heart attack, which necessitated heart surgery in 2000. The Sharif government harassed him later by slapping dozens of income tax cases, accused him of being a “non-Muslim” and tried to deprive him of his voting rights. But all the cases were dismissed by the courts and the his rights were restored by the Chief Election Commissioner.

Najam Sethi  Career

Vanguard Books
In 1978, he established Vanguard Books, an independent, liberal, publishing house, which has published over 400 titles since then in history, politics and economics.
Friday Times
In 1989, along with his wife, he launched The Friday Times (TFT), an independent national weekly, which espouses secular internationalism, human rights, regional peace and democracy. Newsweek Magazine described him in the 1990s as a “crusading editor” for exposing corruption in government. He has unfailingly written the editorials of the paper every week since 1989.
Daily Times
In 2002, he launched Daily Times. Its editorials constantly argued for peace with India, supported the war against Taliban-Al-Qaeda terror; and opposed religious fundamentalism and extremism.
In August 2008, he launched AajKal, a national Urdu daily, published from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. He resigned from both papers in October 2009 after disagreements with its management over various issues.
Beyond Borders
In 2007, he set up Beyond Borders, a public interest production company for South Asia television channels. The mission statement of this project is to promote South Asian cultures, build confidence and trust; and sustain democracy, civil society and human rights in the region. The company has produced 13 short films on the partition of the subcontinent in 1947 based on the short stories of the grand literary masters of India and Pakistan. It has also produced a 13 part serial titled ROOTS, which is a compilation of interviews of famous Indians and Pakistanis who crossed over to the “other” country at the time of partition and have inspiring stories to tell of the warmth, love, humanity and affection of the “other” community.
Dunya News
Mr. Sethi joined Dunya News in 2009 and hosted his program thrice a week.
Geo/Jang Group
He joined the Geo/Jang Group in Jan 2011 as group adviser political affairs. He would host three weekly shows on Geo TV and write regular news analyses and commentary for Jang Group of Newspapers, including The News.[1]
Death Threats
In 2007-8, he received open death threats from the Taliban-Al Qaeda for supporting the war against terrorism. The Taliban’s mouthpiece in Waziristan did a cover story in which it identified Najam Sethi as an “enemy of Islam”. Radical Islamists demonstrated against his papers in Islamabad and openly called for his elimination.

Najam Sethi  Awards

He has been awarded the 2009 Golden Pen of Freedom, the annual press freedom prize of the World Editors Forum/ World Association of Newspapers for courage in upholding secular values, human rights and press freedom. He has also received Courage in Journalism Award 1999 from Amnesty International, Press Freedom Award 1999 from Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) New York, and Hilal i Imtiaz, the highest civil award of the country, from the Government of Pakistan in 2010.

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  1. AQ Al Bulushi permalink
    September 11, 2011 7:42 am

    Hi Najam,

    I am a non Pakistani Baloch and watch your talk shows with great interest. I would like to write to you in person and appreciate if you send me you email address

    AQ Abu Ahmed

  2. November 15, 2011 9:31 pm

    Watch Apas ki Baat latest programs and videos upload first here

    Najam Sethi Videos and all Apas ki Baat episodes here:

  3. saeed swat permalink
    December 4, 2011 1:22 pm


  4. Dilmurad jamali permalink
    December 6, 2011 4:43 am

    hi najam

  5. jozy permalink
    December 10, 2011 8:56 pm


    i just want to send some comments which i want sethi saahib to discuss in his programme.

    depending on the current situation of pakistan,,,all the aspects including corruption, economy, and now the memo issue,,,and above all conflict between supreme court and govt and army,,,there is a constitutional way to invite army and they can play there role under constitution, if supreme court invites them to support to implement their decisions,,,in this way army can avoid martial law and problems of pakistan can be put on a stream line to solve them

    i live in uk and we can understand the power struggle in pakistan and solutions to these problems.


  6. Abrar Zia Malik permalink
    December 17, 2011 6:56 am

    AOA Sethi sahib. I am settled in Australia running an accounting & tax practice in Melbourne. I watch your programs with great interest. I support Imran because I believe he is the only clean politician in Pakistan. I don’t feel you are convinced that he can run the country effectivley and efficiently. But I can see a change in Pakistan through him. I & many others would love to come back and settle in Pakistan. We are just waiting for the situation to get better, there. Please support him because he is the only hope for overseas Pakistanis. Trust me I am not even a member of PTI. I have never met Imran in my life. I just want Pakistan to progress and prosper.

  7. sajjad permalink
    December 18, 2011 8:19 am

    Dear Mr Sethi

    I have watching your shows since Dec 2009 and I have always supported your rights to share view as you see fit. I have always admired your in depth analysis, and the way of presentation. Your show is clean and since it is sort of like a Q/A shows there is absolutely no fight on the show like others.

    How ever I must also be fair to you so you could appraise your own quality of talks. I was deeply disappointed and hurt inside when you used the word ‘himaqat’ relating to our founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah. I think was a pathetic and cruel comment on your part and you must feel ashamed of your comment.

    I so do understand your relationship with US/UK/India that you have to say things to please them but you must also understand that bottom line is that you will and must always be a Pakistani.

    Please refrain from making such comments. Also remember that Pakistanis are the reason you are making Rs Millions.

    A Viewer

  8. Rehan Saeed Fasihi permalink
    January 19, 2012 10:49 pm

    Very Dear Najam Sethi,
    With all due respect for your age and experience, I would like to advise you regarding your opinion about immunity of Asif Zardari under artical 248 of PC, please do not compare these people like Asif Zardari with Sahab-e-Ikram and Khulfa-e-Rashideen and today’s time with time before 1400 years ago in a negative manner and as non-practical.

    If only 1% of character and those times is somehow brought in politian of todays time, 99% of today’s problems can be solved.

    If 100% immunity in enirity is given to president in PC, than who ever do corruption in billion of dollars shall spent 25% of it on presidential election and/ or give as fund to political party like PPP and become president of this country. It will not cost him or her more than 1MUSD per parlimenterian.

    FYI, implementation of law is linked with fear of law in minds of general public, how we can bring fear of law in minds of common people of this country, which is supreem and equal for all pakistanis (atleast in words it is accepted by all politicians including Asif Zardari), where a person who was denying ownership of any Swiss account and Saray palace (when these cases were open, trail was going-on and they were hiding out of country) and now he is trying to coverup under immunity, enjoying presidancy & silent on ownership of these wealth, because he is presidant.

    As you keep records of your sayings in archive, please keep my words recorded, in case of free and fare election, when he will loose presidancy than he will not stay in this country to lead oppsition in parliment for the poor people of this country (which PPP leadership claims), he will go to Dubai or London to spent money in all those accounts and enjoy life.

    Unfortunately PPP has specific meaning of democracy, which is, when they win election it is fare/ free election and their government is democratic, when they loose election, it is engineered and the government of any other party is/ or will be non-democratic. See the history of elections in pakistan since 1970 till 2008.

    PPP prefered to broke and spilt pakistan for their government in 1970, everybody knows that 1970’s election were free and fare, but Z. A Bhutto didn’t accepted the result and we know the outcome very well. Comapre the 06 points demand of Mujeeb and what is given to provinces under 18th ammendmemt, you will find it is far less than what Mujeeb was demanding for East Pakistan.

    There is big list of such big KARNAMAs of Z.A Bhutto and PPP, give me 10% of time, which your channel is giving to people like Shazia Murri, Fasail Raza Abdi, Sharmila Farooqui etc. I am far better knowledgefull than these people, instead argument for the sake of argument I can give practical solution of today’s problems of Pakistan, including economy, electricity, fuel and big assets like Pak Steal, WAPDA, Railway and PIA. I am an Techno-Comercial business expert with 15 years of experience serving GCC countries.

    Last but not least, in today’s program you tried to equalize Asif Zardari and Judges of High/ Supreem courts, as a principal I agree with you that there should be accountability of every single apkistani including Judges, Burocracy, Army and politician as well, but you have to start it from someone than why not from president of pakistan, if he is clean and clear from courts, it will set an example for others (not to cry on accountability) and give him right of rule for rest of his life plus golden name in history. If everyone will say that start it from others or opposite one than it will never start and we will have high growth rate of corruption instead of GDP. FYI, in 1969-70 our growth rate was +9% which never happen since that time and never exceed from 4 or 5 %. Who stops this govt. of PPP to do accountability of all, why they are not bringing the accountability bill in parlimant? If you have any known charges of corruption against sitting or even recently retired judges, please provide me details for my knowledge as I am “Tifl-e-Maktab” of politics.

    I hope you will take my comments positively under basic right of speach as you do for yourself.
    with best regards,

    A viewr and concerned Pakistani

    • Ali permalink
      September 19, 2013 7:03 pm

      You do know that this guy isnt the real najam sethi, and this is a fake blog?

  9. Rafiq Baloch permalink
    February 14, 2012 6:18 am

    Respected Sir, I like ur Show AApas Ki Baat. I deeply impress ur unbaise and neutral Analytical comments. Tonight ur show is about the situation in Balochistan and Balochistan received another “Mask Shada Lash of Sangat Sana Baloch” yesterday and all baloch knows who is behind this.

  10. Dr Adnan Heather PhD permalink
    February 17, 2012 6:13 am

    Dear Sethi
    I am Dr Adnan Heather founder and president of a newly formed secular,liberal party established in US & Canada for liberalism , modernity,real democracy & secularism in Middle East & South Asia , our party has moral support from Western nations .Please visit We aim to participate in Pakistan’s general elections in 2018, we would like to have liberals,intellactualls and democratic people in pldp. Contact me in Canada 226-377-4894

  11. Zahoor permalink
    February 23, 2012 8:15 pm

    if you want to have information from the role of Tethyan copper company in Balochistan and Baloch Politics, I have the proves please write me in private

  12. najam ki beti aur biwi ka thoku permalink
    February 25, 2012 11:01 pm

    najam sethi you are a traitor tumhari beti ki phuddi chati hai maza nahi aya gashtod ki aulad jo hui

  13. najam ki beti aur biwi ka thoku permalink
    February 25, 2012 11:03 pm

    najam ki beti ki phuddi gore kale mil ke mar rahe hain gandu ka bacha usko kalo ke hawale kyu kar dia hai benchod pakio se nafrat jo karta hai lekin ek baat janlio ke gorio ko bhi paki ka lula hi sakoon deta hai harami sala nawaz se chut marata raha hai jab us ne gand marne se inkar kia to benchod uske hilaf ho gaya

  14. Soumitra goutam permalink
    March 8, 2012 9:45 am

    Najam sethi sahab namaskar.main india se hoo aur main aapke progrrame you tube me badhe chav se dekhta hoo.khas kar india pakistan relation ko lekar aapko jo analysis hota hai bahut rochak hota hai.aapne badhe hi neutrol aur proffesnal thang se savi muddo ka taskhara kiya karte hai.aapne pakistani textbook ke bare me aur socalled national interest ke bare me jo analaysis kiya tha vo vi mujhe bahut pasand aaya aur kafi kuchh sikhne ko mila.aap jab india ke democracy ki baat karte hai to sara credit politician ko de dete hai jabki india me democracy ko majboot karne me election commission of india ka sabse badha haat hai uspar aap jarur ek progrrame kare. Ummid karta hoo aap ind pak ke achhe talukat ke liye ise tarah mehnat karte rhenge bahut-2 suvkamna

  15. Faisal Afzal Siddiqui permalink
    April 23, 2012 1:30 am

    My name is Faisal Afzal Siddiqui. I am research student at the department of Statistics, University of Karachi, Pakistan. I read Najam Sethi’s column ref Jang April 22, 2012. I got some idea to research, so I want permission of Najam Sethi to include some of his question in my questionnaire for my quantitative research. I am waiting for his kind permission to start my work.

  16. shafqaat ahmed permalink
    June 4, 2012 6:53 pm

    dear sethi sahib mien political woker houn belong to na 111 sialkot . aap ka program aik pakistani kay lea oxigion hay. allah aap ko himet dey k aap dr fardous awan ka b trail kerien. es cheeper lasbian ko b samnay laen .shafqaat gujjar sialkot

  17. Hammad Khan permalink
    June 5, 2012 3:49 pm

    Mr. Sethi and Mr. Farooq,

    I am an overseas Pakistani who watches this program on a regular basis. Sometimes I post comment as well and am surprised to see some of the derogatory language on the post, which the administration does not seem to care about.

    I do not use foul language, however today my comments on your last program (June 4th 2012) were removed under the pretext of “Indecent Language”. My comments, although based on fact and figures were critical of Pakistan Army and that is the only reason I believe that they were removed.

    The point to all this is; who made the army a ‘sacred cow’? Why we cannot put questions and comments on this forum, if we insist on calling this ‘free media’?
    Best Regards,
    Hammad Khan

    • Najam permalink
      June 7, 2012 8:54 am

      I do not know the contents of your comments however I must tell you the Army is really sacred because they are laying their precious lives for stinking talibans who have made our lives in pakistan worst than hell.Then some of the the splinter groups of Talibans are selling themselves to America like Dr Shakel Afridi and depriving children in FATA from administration of polio drops.Must not you condemn the rotten Talibans who are playing in the hands of foreign powers rather than the National Army who have suffered maximum at the hands of so called their country men.I am sure this should satisfy you to some extent.

  18. Waqar Salman permalink
    June 10, 2012 11:18 am

    Dear Mr. Najm,

    I am also an overseas Pakistani and watch you program on a regular basis. Most of your political forecasts are correct and your advices are value added. It is my request if you can increase one more day for your program “AAPUS KI BAAT”.

    Please confirm if “JANAB MALIK RIAZ SAHEB” is your chirhya. Moreover, what is the benifit for Malik Saheb to exploit this issue.

    Say my regards to Muneeb as he is improving day by day.

    Waqar Salman

  19. Najam ul Hassan permalink
    June 11, 2012 12:13 pm

    Respected Mr Najam Sethi.
    I have been a regular listener of your programme notwithstanding your switching over from one channel to another.At times you give out your opinions which are not only against the interest of the country but also manifest that you have genuinely vested interests in those illogical comments.For instance you became so emotional in the case of Doctor Shakil Afridi,s Sentence and argued in favour of his working for US.May I ask your majesty some relevant questions:
    a.Ghulam Nabi Fai has been sentenced in US allegedly for advancing the cause of Kashmiries with the tacit help of Pakistani Agencies.Was this lawful or otherwise if unlawful why you failed to condemn the US action or talk in favour of Ghulam Nabi fai?
    b.Do you know the implications of Dr Shakil Afridi,s Fake Polio campaign which has deprived thousands of children from Adminstration of genuine polio drops?
    c.Was Dr Shakil Afridi working for Dollars or in love of his motherland?
    d.Can a Government Servant be allowed to be hired by foreign powers for gathering intelligence?
    e.Should not such culprits be given examplary punishments to safe guard the interests of our beloved country which is already in pathetic shape?
    f.May I again very humby ask you what made you to support this man who has disgraced this country by selling himsel for Dollars and encouraging more Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs
    to work against the interest of this country.

  20. Najam ul Hassan permalink
    June 11, 2012 12:30 pm

    Dear Sethi Sahib!
    The US Government has lately announced US $ 50 Millions for Pakistani Media.May I request you to kindly divulge the names of those MUGGER MUCHS who would be gulping this hefty amount of Dollars?I am sure your Chirya would have given you the names who would be recepients of bigger chunks,so must involve her fully while responding to my querry.

  21. juvaria permalink
    June 15, 2012 12:19 pm

    Well Mr.Sethee ,
    How do u feel now a days when people like me ask y u call a “BULL” , as “CHIRYA” .Anyway are ur rates still going high ????

  22. adnan permalink
    June 15, 2012 8:57 pm

    dear najam i am a big fan of urs youhave a great knoladge i am really impressed of your openions disclosed on app ke baat and believe me this is the only program which i watch regarding political discussions and i will be obliged if you add me in your books with

  23. June 30, 2012 9:46 pm

    I am very big fan of him. I love him. He’s superb.

  24. syeds555 permalink
    July 29, 2012 9:17 am

    I must comment on the latest disclosure of Najam Sethi,s apartment he has purchased in USA worth US $1.36 Million (Thirteen Crore rupees)He may possess many more which have not been reported sofar.May i know where from has he got this hefty amount?Certainly he has got it from his Masters for raising voice in their favour while changing his stance frequently to manifest that he is only elite class out of the Journalists in pakistan.Yes he is right to some extent because he is reportedly the biggest recepient of this kind of dirty money from his Masters as reported and researched by a pakistani student in USA.(See paper clip posted on Najam sethi web site as on 29 July 12)
    I as pakistani would just pray that if it is all truth then Allah Almighty may shower HIS CURSE upon him for betraying Pakistan merely for dollars.Moreso I would also request my patriot pakistanies to start analysing his comments incisively,he makes in the TV programme to advance his ulterior motives to please his Masters.This is high time that our Nation should demand his expulsion not only from electronic and print Media but also from Pakistan being its biggest enemy in the garb of a Journalist.

  25. October 16, 2012 9:06 pm

    please we want to arrange a seminar in university kindly any contact to najam sethi…please
    i watch your program almost .i am student of IR i am very keen to meet you once ,kindly we want to arrange a seminar with you in university waiting for your reply sir….

  26. malik ma permalink
    October 22, 2012 11:27 am

    hi sr.iam malik ma

  27. A.Q.Malik permalink
    February 3, 2013 11:16 am

    Dear Mr. Sethi,

    I greatly appreciate your efforts for peace between India and Pakistan and wish you success. I have also been a regular reader of Friday Times, just for sole benefit of reading your editorial. Your analysis on Apas Ki Bat is also sometimes impressive. But, there are some subjects which are conspicuous for determined avoidance by you. I think it is not right for a person of your standing who can help mobilize public opinion based on rational analysis and mental clarity. This is what happens in functioning democratic societies. To give some examples;

    1. There is a lot of talk about Kargil in the Indian and Pakistani media. I do not care about Musharraf and people like him. But there are other issues involved as well and need to be talked about.

    One way to look at it is what one does by picking a fight with a big bully so that, while getting a thrashing himself, one also puts in a couple of effective blows. My childhood experience has thought me that big bully desists after that. None in the Pakistani media has educated the public about Operation Meghdoot of India in Siachin and Saltoro Ridge region. Was it not equal, if not more, shameless act of treachery? Public needs to be educated about historical facts of the region and its internationally demarcated status for de-facto control before the Indian treachery. India does operate a strategy of taking a big bite from others share, then pushing issues into doldrums till it has time to digest and the victim is reconciled to his loss. (What will they do if China does it to them in Assam? The population there is not ethnic Indian.)

    I am convinced that by launching Operation Meghdoot the Indians have given moral right to Pakistan to launch any retaliatory/neutralizing operation akin to Kargil (And there are many a places such things can be done) at time and place of its choosing and as many times as it wants. (The only condition being that it needs to be successful, failures are always being orphan.) The is no foundation of long term peace.

    It will be interesting if one day in the Apas Ki Bat you could build a scenario as to what would have happened if it was Pakistan who had launched the Meghdoot in that area.

    Don’t you find it very funny. If we do something wrong, taking advantage of its size, India threatens to have have conflict across International Borders. If India does something wrong and we resist it or try to neutralize it, India threatens to have conflict across international borders. India has to intellectually develop to understand that this not viable recepie to the greatness they dream about. They should remain content with Sickems and Bhutans of this world as friends.

    The Indian Operation Meghdoot, only impressive for the brainlessness of its strategic objectives, was not fully successful. Their zero brain cell strategists wasted lots of Indian and Pakistani lives. Now putting in conditions of “position marking” they wish to give meaning to something that was meaningless to start with. With all the hype about abundance of intellect in India have you ever seen “Matam” being done in India about “Meghdoot” and the generals who thought of it? (And who was the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister who sanctioned it). If not, then is it worth our while to be friend with such intellectually and morally primitive country, and if we do become friends what kind of friendship it will be? We should not be enemy of India, but we should not consent to be their friend if they are not respectable and trustworthy.

    2. No one in Pakistan has ever educated its people about issues involved in Sir Creek. Who is right and who is wrong, and to what extent. It shows contempt for our own people? Don’t you, in the media, think that an educated public opinion is an important card in international negotiations?

    3. It was shocking to hear about history of mutual head chopping (After being killed in action!!) till Indians chose to make hula balo when it suited them. Shame to both the nations. Even more shame to media on both sides that they never raised their pens or opened their mouth although many of them knew about it. Even now the media has not taken up this as it should. One may be victim or an aggressor, we as a nation should not deprives ourselves of our basic human decency. If we and Indians want to have some self esteem, we must all discuss it openly and truthfully. We must catch and punish those from our respective armed forces who indulged in this. The matter should not be allowed to die out.

    4. In the case of Ms. Afia Siddiqui there a conspiracy of silence and vagueness amongst five parties, the Pakistan govenment, the US government, the family of Afia Siddiqui, the apologists of Alqaida and Taliban, and media. USA has gone to the extent to put her away so that facts may never come to surface. Prior to the episode, Ms. Afia also had a history of deep involvement with jihadist agenda. Many in the media know quite a lot. Isn’t the right thing for the media to do is to put all known facts in front of general public and not be conduit to controlled disinformation by interested quarters.

    5. Enough is known about the Lal Masjid to the media that one does not need a commission to find truth. It does not even involve much investigative journalism any more. But, none in the media is bold enough to bring forth full facts in front of public. Some have chosen to keep quiet about it. Others keep on bringing forth distorted elements of episode to push their respective agendas. Result, sate of confusion in the mind of public. Again, there is total contempt for people’s right to know unadulterated truth.

    It is strange that with all the profound minds in the media how myopic it could be. They are wrongly taking their freedom for granted. Survival of any institution entirely depends on respect and perception of goodness by the people and they can never be duped for long. I take the liberty of putting forward my theory of vacuum. Society allows institutions to flourish, and even makes it very rewarding, as long as it sees it as value generator. If an institution looses respect of people, a vacuum is created and something else displaces it. Our politicians lost respect so the soldiers came in as displacer. Then the soldiers lost respect. On retrial, even the parliament has now lost respect. Our Judiciary and Media are heading towards it. No matter how much self praise is engineered , the respect of people and their ability to perceive value and goodness are the ultimate deciders of survival. We need all these institutions and media can help keep all working well in their tracks. But, for this people should be able to see value, genuineness and goodness in the media. Otherwise they allow someone to strangle it. In living world all organisms always kill their non-functional parts. Right now our media is still very short on being seen a value generator except to their owners and a few street smart journalists.

  28. mohammad rehman permalink
    February 14, 2013 9:29 am

    Sir u r a gret man

  29. March 4, 2013 7:32 pm

    hello sir ,
    i see your program apis ki batt ,,,,,,,
    can you told our nation on your oppinion’s where pakistan going today ,,
    what are doing our leader for pakistan…
    our nation are independence in this country , please tell

    regard by Ali Abbas bahtti

  30. Khair Mohammad Budh permalink
    April 9, 2013 10:13 am

    Congratulations on Becoming Cheif Minister Punjab. it is recognition of your qualities of Head and Heart. Stay blessed

    Warm Regards
    Khair Mohammad Budh
    Former Civil Servant & Visiting Faculty Member University
    CO House Muzaffargarh

  31. Mrs. Khan permalink
    April 12, 2013 3:21 pm


    First of all congratulations on being CM of Punjab. You have been doing really well and I just want to put your attention towards the 50-52 DSPs in Punjab who were OSDs during the term of last CM. Please kindly look into the matter as injustice was done with them. I am hopeful that you will do something for them. Thanks

  32. Seerat Farooq permalink
    April 13, 2013 3:51 pm

    We dont want basant festival. We are affected by it.

  33. Sanaullah Bhutta permalink
    April 14, 2013 10:23 am

    جناب نجم سیٹھی صاحب اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو کامیاب فرمائے اور مثالی کام کر کے آنے والوں کے لئے مثال بنائیں
    دعا گو ثناٗاللہ بھٹہ

  34. Col Zia Chohan permalink
    April 30, 2013 8:26 am

    My dear Najam Sethi,
    AOA. As you know this chronic, prolonged and unscheduled load shedding has become a curse.As you are now in power, at least in Punjab, you are requested to do a noble service;
    0324 462 3807
    April 30, 2013.

  35. Naeem Qari permalink
    June 5, 2013 7:53 pm

    Dear Najam Sb.
    Can some one advice Imran khan to Congratulate Nawas Sharif on becoming Prime Minister, Just as a courtesy sake. Every one has done it, this is part of politics.
    And what happened to Fowzia Qaisury, Take care this not good for the image of the Party.
    My regards
    Naeem Qari, Jeddah

  36. MUHAMMAD YOUSUF JAN permalink
    June 14, 2013 1:30 pm

    najam sahib caretaker cm ban ker muslim leag n ki bari khidmat ki aa ne ..muaoza ki mila.kuch tu shere karen.THANKS

  37. July 6, 2013 6:29 pm

    Dear Najam Sethi,
    I like your Show Aapas Ki Batt,. I am deeply impressed from your unbiased and neutral analytical comments based on truth. I am casual writer in English and Urdu newspapers for the last 50 years. I am enclosing here with an important article on construction of large size dams as under in Pakistan. Please elaborate this issue in national interest.

    It is reality that Kalabagh Dam is necessary to fulfill national needs for more water to keep up with the growing population and industrial demands beside millions of acres of agricultural land. Pakistan is going to face swear food crises by 2025. Therefore to produce more food we need sufficient quantity of water. Pakistan is presently facing swear water shortages as per UNO reports. Kalabagh Dam would also be a source of supply for cheap hydro-electric power @ (Rs 0.18 per unit approx as per NEPRA orders for the FY 2012.) to the whole nation. The large size dams on Indus river are life line to meet storage of water and power generation to overcome the energy crisis .It is also to be noted that THAR Coal to be taped for energy resources need huge quantity sweet water continuously for processing and steam generation. It is only possible by constructing large Dams for regular supply. The annual outflow of water into the Arabian Sea can be used to irrigate infertile lands in southern areas of Punjab and northern areas of Sindh. For the prosperity of the country besides Kalabagh Dam, more large dams on the Indus, at Bhasha , Bunji /Skardu- Katzarah dams in northern areas of Pakistan has also been planed and should be built on priority bases. It is to be noted that these dams are located on the fault lines; therefore it has to be monitored with great care and need safety provisions from earth- quacks.
    Kalabagh is the most suitable and favorable engineering site as compared to all indus river dams including Tarbella. Kalabagh project include construction of several irrigation canals to fulfill the growing demand for agriculture in Pakistan, and that it should be built first. Southern Punjab (called Seriaki areas) particularly Bahalwalpur and Bahawalnagar will get the water stored in Kalabagh Dam.In the early 1960s, Pakistan had agreed to a deal with India over the water of rivers, three rivers Satlej ,Biyas and Ravi were given to India. Since then, the river Ravi, Satlej and Biyas are only used as flood release rivers. The one unit Pakistan government had given the rivers feeding water to south of Punjab and Bahawalpur to India. The water needs of this area had to be meet mainly from Indus. The resident of this area should wakeup and should only vote to the political party who will support to build Kalabagh Dam immediately. Now Pakistan has not built the dams and has also barrened a large area of Punjab province by taking out three rivers. It is to be noted that WAPDA has been collecting Hydel surcharges from all consumers to provide cheap electricity since for the last 40 years and no new dam after Turbella has been constructed so far. An enquiry should be held that, how much money has been collected in this account so far. It may be couple of thousands Billion Rs; by now. The Kalabagh Dam having 3600 MWs production capacity can minimize the energy crisis of Pakistan. Overall, it will help Pakistan to grow further and can produce 2400 MWs electricity in four years at the cost of 6.5 Billion US $. It is said that Kalabagh Dam issue was first distorted by Mr; Ishaq Khan when he proposed General Ayub Khan to build Tarbela Dam first against the Kalabagh Dam. I had a chance to personally ask Mr; Ishaq Khan than the president of Pakistan that it is a serious allegation against him. He said it is not correct. I informed Ayub Khan president of Pakistan that the world bank is only interested for financial assistant for one dam under Indus treaty therefore we should go for Tarbella dam because it is a bigger dam than Kalabagh dam almost double in storage capacity and power production. More over Kalabagh dam is naturally accruing dam and we can construct this dam at our own at a very low cost.
    It is to be noted that the height of Kalabagh dam when it is fully filled is 915 feet max; whereas the height of Noshaira is 945 Ft to 970 Ft; Pubbi 962 Ft; and Mardan 970 Ft from sea level. Therefore the persons who say that Noshaira will be under water after the construction of Kalabagh is absolutely incorrect. The majority of agricultural area in KPK is on higher level and the irrigation is by lifting water. After the construction of dam the agriculture will be by gravity. The KPK government will save hundreds of billions Rs; annually after the construction of dam. Moreover the affected area in KPK province due to Kalabagh dam is 11% and in Punjab 89%. It will not only add lacs of Acres of agricultural area in KPK but change the economic condition of KPK, produced by water it is cheapest as compared to all other resources. Punjab Government has also agreed not to claim any royalty on generation of resources from Kalabagh Dam to make the country rich and peaceful. Please keep in mind that it’s not only about producing electricity rather producing it cheaply too. As per OGRA last year reports the Hydel generation cost is only 0.18 Rs per (KWH)/unit. Although Thar coal can fulfill our energy requirements (ignoring pollution & other factors), it will take at least a decade to utilize it effectively considering no delays”. Moreover we need huge quantity of sweet water to produce electricity from coal for generation of steam and utility water. This time line is based on good law & order situation in the areas & nonstop funding. On the other hand if we start Kalagagh & Thar coal, we can see improvement in three to four years. Besides, that coal cannot store water. Water shortage is also a serious problem for people of Pakistan. Karachi has to face serious problem regarding increasing demand of municipal and industrial utilization of water and also an increase of drastic water charges. It is an eye opening for Karachi. A GOLDEN ERA DAM FOR PAKISTAN FOR CENTURIES. The other factor that makes Kalabagh a proposition better than Bhasha is the volume of annual river flow. We are told that the river flow is much less in Bhasha than Kalabagh. The flow travelling downward in case of Kalabagh is 90 million acre feet, while in case of Bhasha it is only 50 million acre feet. The availability of water for irrigation and power generation is related to the total annual flow of the stream. Other negative features of the Bhasha happen to be the construction and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines. These will run from the generation point to the load centre. The cost of the undertaking will be excessively high.
    Another discouraging feature of the Bhasha project concerns the height of the proposed dam and its comparison with Kalabagh. The Bhasha Dam with concrete embankment if built would be 893 feet high, while Kalabagh with earth-filled embankment would be only 260 feet above the riverbed. The cost of building a concrete dam as high as Bhasha will cost many times more than Kalabagh Dam. A poor country like Pakistan cannot afford to enjoy the luxury of building dams as expensive as Bhasha, particularly when cheaper options are available. Yes if we have surplus money we can go for that.
    We would like to conclude with the observation that the staggering cost of building Bhasha does not yield the proportional results. Its estimated cost of $14 billion creates a live storage of 6.4 million acre feet, which is only slightly higher than Kalabagh with live storage of 6.1 million acre feet. The estimated cost of Kalabagh Dam is half of the cost of Bhasha Dam. Save the people of our brothers SIND, PUNJAB & KPK provinces from floods, this causes heavy damages to the life and property. Please rise voice for MAKING DAMS in PAKISTAN, store the water and save our people. Start making dams in PUNJAB, and other provinces, Make “KALABAGH” dam FIRST. And remain in progress for making DAMS for prosperity of the Country. BRING light in the country and minimize this Darkness. It is to be noted that the immigrants are sending huge amount in foreign exchange every year. This year it is expected over 15 Billion US Dollars. This amount should be utilized for construction of dams and should not be made the part of deficit budget. Our import bill has increased to 45 Billion US $ against exports of 23.5 Billion $ .The import bill should be minimized and restricted to import of raw materials, life saving and highly essential goods. The Imported finished goods should be minimized and controlled by tariff.
    Chairman, Engineering, Environmental and, Energy Committees MCCI, Multan. Ex-president BOM Industrial Estate ,Multan.

  38. Raheel Ijaz permalink
    July 28, 2013 3:44 pm

    while watching the recent episodes of APAS KI BAAT it appears that we are subjected to view the personal experiences of Najam Sethi being acting CM or presently as Chairman PCB, please do not torcher your viewers with his individual benefits and defence on petty achievements. Public at large as i understand, is not at all interested in his explanation on his job performance, as this program is meant for discussion on national issues and not any bickering on personal matters or new appointment as acting PCB chief.
    “Please help us Geo Management”

  39. September 16, 2013 11:38 am

    ek sawal najam setti sb

    Asalam whalekum sir mera nam Noor Alam hain or mai karachi say belong karta hun mai app ka har program dekta hun or mera kisi party say koi relation nai hain bs app sy ek request karni hain kay jb bi app karachi ki bat karen tu real fact biyan karen jis ki wahja say karachi dist rube hain

    1- TALIBAN
    3- liyar gang war
    4- batha mafia
    5- drugs maifa
    6- transport mafia
    7- land mafia
    8- water mafia
    9- siyasi log jo infaradi crime mai shamil hain
    10-wo log hi puray muluk say crime kar kay karachi mai ayee hain
    11- afganistani log
    12– bangali log

    in sab kay kilaf opreation karnay kay liyee army lany ki request ki gai the laken app nay us ko bi urdu speaking bolnay walon ki sazish bana di kay army loc par hain or urdu speak walay india ki favour karny ky liyee army ki request kar ray hian or ya muluk kay kilaf sazish hian ALLAH ki tobha afsos howa ky app ek neutral personalty
    nai hain pls app say request hian kay urdu bolnay wolon ko pakistani samjain agar koi bat buri lagi ho tu i am realy sorry karachi pakistan i am pakistani

  40. Ahmed Soorma permalink
    September 17, 2013 7:32 am

    Read slowly & carefully and share with your network of friends & extended family members.
    Following information is received from a friend working with Rangers conducting clean up operation in Karachi

    In recent round up of criminals across Karachi several non-local criminals have been arrested and interrogated by the rangers & police teams. Besides hi-tech weapons Plenty of Hi-Tech gadgets & computer stuff has been recovered including Laptops and smart phones.

    Most important are the laptops which contained plenty of alarming data of several clubs in Karachi. List of members of the Clubs & recreational spots in Karachi.

    Following are the clubs: Royal Rodale Club, Karachi Club, Boat Club, Abdullah Haroon Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi Gymkhana, Arabian Sea Country Club, DHA Golf club, DHA Sunset Club, DHA Marina Club,

    The lists contained a huge data of member’s details, their names, addresses, business & residence numbers, list & names of family members etc – Question is million dollar quiz how do the criminal elements obtained all the lists & for how long have they had that data and shared with how many other criminals operating in Karachi. The involvement of Intelligence personnel is not ruled out to leak such data to criminals. The recent involvement of Naval Intelligence personnel in Kidnapping for ransom of a businessman been reported in newspapers or media? This shall not be brushed under the rug!

    Under the prevailing circumstance across city of Karachi in General & Across the Cosmopolitan cities in Pakistan, the rise in extortion demand, kidnapping for ransom, bullet with cash demand etc, only selected people are targeted after carefully done home work by the criminals.

    The Situation is alarming and shall be handled & treated with extreme caution by everyone. Please try and maintain a low profile. Unnecessary outings & going away from work & home after sunset should be avoided. Clubbing, eating out, should be cut down to minimum & strict vigilance be maintained on domestic servants. Especially if they are non-locals and without cross reference or local permanent address.

  41. September 20, 2013 1:03 pm

    Najam Sethi Sahib
    My name is ayaz sethi S/O Mahmood sethi
    Pota of sheikh sher mohd setthi
    From Sialkkot
    Born in Ankara Turkey
    My mobile 03002151231 if you know me pls do cal me thanks

  42. Ehtisham Haider permalink
    April 14, 2014 4:49 am

    I am Ehtisham frm Lahore my father wants Sir Najam sethi’s Personal ph# or email adress my father is an army person if someone have so kindly email me on this adress
    or text me 03314948293

  43. Fakharuddin permalink
    August 24, 2014 4:24 pm

    Dear sethi sahib now a days Mr.Muneeb is inviting varios persons for discussing in tv show aapas ki baat he must wisely select the members of pannel .And people like Mr.Fawad Choudry should not be invited he is CHAWAL try to distrub other people and break the tempo of discussion and behaves like MARASI by his non serious jugat bazi and strange smile while other pannalist starts talking.

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